Our pipe fittings and welding services offer many advantages. We ensure that pressure losses and turbulence are reduced by the system’s smooth inner surface and gradual direction change. We can offer the following:

  • Perfect fittings of STAINLESS/MILD STEEL PIPES , Dairy pipes,
  • Duplex pipes, galvanized Pipes, uPVC Pipes, PE Pipes and HDPE Pipes.
  • Roving of elbows to different angles.
  • Installation of different kind of valves.
  • Welding of pipes using TIG, MIG with ARGON GAS to certified standards.


  • Construction and Installation of both stainless and mild steel tanks of various capacities and sizes. Cylindrical, Rectangular and Square Tanks.
  • We have on our list, 500m3  250 m3, 200 m3, 150 m3, 100 m3 and other smaller mild steel tanks.
  • Also, 80 m3, 65m3, 50m3, 17 m3, 3.6 m3, 3m3 and other smaller stainless steel tanks are on our list.
  • We fabricate jacketed tanks of different sizes and shape.
  • The fabrication is mostly carried out in our workshop with standard finishing and painting. It could also be done on site if need be.


  • We design, procure and install fire protection system for all categories of fire hazards.
  • Determination pump and pipe sizes using fire system hydraulic calculations
  • Installation of Ring mains, Distribution and Range  pipeworks.
  • Installation of Landing Valves, Fire Pillar Hydrant, Hose reels and Sprinklers.
  • Installation of Fire Extinguishers such as C02, Dry Chemical Powder, Wet Chemical Powder, Foam Extinguishers, etc
  • Design and Installation of Fire Suppressants like FM200, C02 Systems and Foam Master Generators.


  • Provision of appropriate steel structures as per design .
  • The frame works shall be at equal-distance to give room for  the installation of acoustic- panel material.
  • All welding works shall be of International Standards.
  • All joints shall be bolted to one-another to provide for future expansion or modification.
  • Anti- rust paint shall be applied and Epoxy paint as second  (quote) layer.

We provide insulation and acoustic materials for commercial, industrial and other use. We also offers a full range of services to solve noise and vibration issues including problem identification, acoustical testing, design/engineering and installation support.

Hurlag can help you in the design, supply and installation of commercial and industrial roofing, cladding and all related works. We have full range for different types of building and construction works.

Our sealants provides greate adhesion to most metals including stainless steel & aluminium. We can bond and seal most industrial materials including glass, metals, rigid plastics and silicone rubber too.