Control Valves & Sprinkler Loops

We provide fire control valves and sprinkler systems of all types for buildings, factories and industrial environments. We have varieties available.

Fire Alarm Systems
Do you need accurate and reliable fire detection and notification systems? Look no further, Hurlag provides you precise, life-saving information for your homes, offices, warehouses etc.

Fire Extinguishers
Do not take the issue of fire lightly. Having a portable fire extinguisher can help save lives and valuable properties before the arrival of fire service. Visit us today.

Fire-pumps & Accessories
We can supply the accessories you need to set up your fire system. We have Wide range of accessories for both electric and diesel applications.

Foam System
Nothing fights fire better than foam. We can offer you the best technology in foam systems. Our foam system protects virtually any hazard where flammable liquids are present.

Pillar Hydrants & Hose Cabinets
We provide Pillar Hydrants & Hose Cabinets and other equipment necessary to provide an adequate supply of water to the hose connections to extinguise fire.

Ring Mains & branch mains
Your Ring Mains & branch mains are available at Hurlag and can be installed too at affordable prices


  • We design, procure and install fire protection system for all categories of fire hazards.
  • Determination pump and pipe sizes using fire system hydraulic calculations
  • Installation of Ring mains, Distribution and Range¬† pipeworks.
  • Installation of Landing Valves, Fire Pillar Hydrant, Hose reels and Sprinklers.
  • Installation of Fire Extinguishers such as C02, Dry Chemical Powder, Wet Chemical Powder, Foam Extinguishers, etc
  • Design and Installation of Fire Suppressants like FM200, C02 Systems and Foam Master Generators.